About Us

Welcome to Glitter Envy

Glitter Envy was founded by myself Janice only 6 months ago but my passion for glitter has always been apparent. (I mean who doesn't love to sparkle)

In 2017 I started a small glitter tattoo business that become very successful quite quickly.

Moving with the times I discovered festival glitters & bling which proved to be extremely popular among customers of all ages, men, women & children..

Within no time at all I became hooked & started creating my own blends of festival glitters & gels.

My products struck up huge attention & I was constantly being asked where I purchased them from which lead me to realise the demand was high & customers wanted to buy these products.

From there I created the brand that is now glitter envy.. which started with a small number of cosmetic festival glitters & gels.

Today I stock in excess of 150 products & I'm loving the experience, meeting new people, sharing my love of glitter with so many others & of course providing a great service to the people that made this all possible. You guys....

I thank you all for your support & kindness.